How CrayPay Works

50,000 participating locations, and growing! Pay in-person or online.
Tap to Pay

At checkout, tap to select simply select where you want to pay.

Enter your Total

Enter the amount owed including tax and shipping.

We pay this together.

We pay a percentage off the top, and you pay what's left with your linked card.

Key Features

  • Big Name Brands: Accepted as payment by brands you know and love.
  • Nearby Locations: GPS location services to show nearby places and rewards.
  • Predictive Search Easily find what you're looking for by name or keyword.
  • Safer Payments: Added security for payment information using tokens.
  • Stackable Savings: Use with coupons, discounts and credit card reward programs.
  • Easy Tip Calculator: Choose a pre-calculated percentage or enter a custom dollar amount.
  • Speedy Checkout: Simple and quick bill entry with payment confirmation.

CrayCoin, a new cryptocurrency by Craypay

The app that picks up a portion of the bill will soon allow you to earn an additional 10% back in cryptocurency on your purchase. Use it to buy at any CrayPay partner location. Coming Soon!

No other app like it.

You'll want to pay with your phone everywhere!

CrayPay is a FREE app that instantly pays a portion of every purchase you make, saving you money, and AND adding a layer of security to every payment. You’ll never pay alone again!

Other Users have said
"It is so easy to use, there is literally no longer an excuse for paying full price again."

Joanie Demer, CEO, Krazy Koupon Lady

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