Developing the Cray New Way to Pay

One winter day in 2014, Jared McClure and Marshall Greenwald sat down in a discovery meeting. Their conversation revolved around a simple idea - What if you could pay with your phone and save money every time?

That discussion became the framework of our platform, dedicated to bringing consumers and merchants together through mobile payments and marketing. Since that time we've partnered with merchants across the United States to change the way people pay.

For users of the app, it provides an incentive on every purchase to pay with a mobile device. For merchants, it offers a stronger return on marketing dollars. The face of payments and marketing is evolving, and we think you'll agree, that's pretty Cray.



Company foundedJanuary 2015

First national brand approval and contractOctober 2015

Filmed marketing videoNovember 2015

Expanded software developmentDecember 2015

Raised $150,000 in first stage seed roundDecember 2015


85th national brand approval - Amazon.comJanuary 2016

Began exploring relationships with sales channel partnersFebruary 2016

Patent pending statusMarch 2016

Raised $100,000 in second stage seed roundMarch 2016

Hired additional software developersApril 2016

91st national brand approval - American AirlinesMay 2016

Trademark approvalJune 2016

Secured Fixed Rate Processing in 160+ currencies with exclusive partnershipJune 2016

Closed $250,000 in third stage seed roundOctober 2016

Private Beta LaunchedDecember 2016


Raised $435,000 in 4th Stage Family & Friends RoundJanuary 2017

110th National Brand Approval - American EagleMarch 2017

Secured $2.8M in FinancingApril 2017

Public Launch of iOS AppJuly 2017

Public Launch of Android AppSeptember 2017

Thousands of locations. And counting.

CrayPay is already available for use with several major brands across the United States. 
We are also working quickly to add local businesses in each market, making CrayPay an easy payment method wherever you go.